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What started as a simple company blog has evolved into a go-to source of knowledge for newcomers and degens alike. Today, we’re celebrating two years of learning and inspiration on enter.blog. Cheers for what has been, and all that is yet to come.

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@enter.artPUBLISHED 21ST JULY 2023

Dear readers, contributors & frens of enter.blog, 

Two years ago, a seed was sown in our little corner of the internet. What was initially intended as a simple blog where we could share everything newsworthy related to the enterverse, quickly started to take shape as something else entirely - the enter.blog we know today. 

Ever since the beginning of the enter journey, we quickly found a gap of knowledge that became ever so apparent as we onboarded thousands of users from way beyond the crypto-sphere. The tech in this space moves incredibly fast, and bad faith actors praying on the newcomers (and sometimes established names in the scene too), means that having a finger on the pulse and doing our part for a more educated space is incredibly important to us. 

Knowledge is power, and if blockchain technology is ever going to become a mainstream technology (which it is well underway to be), every builder bears a special responsibility to ensure easily accessible information to make the journey a little bit easier for everyone. It’s therefore been obvious to shift the focus of enter.blog from merely company-related news and information to a more all-encompassing source of information that can guide new and old users alike in everything that happens in the space. 

With that in mind, we’d like to give special thanks to every contributor who has been a part of taking enter.blog to where it is today. Each NFT artist interview, in-depth blockchain article, and technical guide is a source of inspiration for the next generation of crypto connoisseurs, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Two years later, enter.blog hosts more than 220+ articles, spanning everything crypto and Web3. No matter if you’ve just started out and are wondering how to stay as safe as possible on your crypto journey, or if you’re looking to increase your understanding of hot topics like Bitcoin Ordinals, enter.blog aims to be a home for everyone seeking to level up their knowledge banks on the path to financial empowerment and venture into the technology we all love and believe in. 

Last year, we also had the great pleasure of introducing the enterNFT-podcast, offering all the most important articles from enter.blog in an audio format. Hosted by enter ambassador Luvcraft, close to 50 articles are now available to digest as you’re on your morning drive, in the bathtub, or on the beach for that matter. Here goes another shoutout to our most wonderful narrator Luvcraft, and all the listeners who’ve supported this new step towards more blockchain knowledge for the masses. 

Obviously, there is no better way to celebrate a good anniversary, than to reminisce and brush up on the highlights throughout the journey, and that is exactly what we’ll be doing today. Let’s have a look at what has piqued the most curiosity amongst readers throughout these two years of enter.blog.

Top 5 Blog Articles

1. How To Read BSCscan

Unsurprisingly, ranging on top of the list as our most popular article of all time is quite a practical one, on a topic everyone needs to dive into when taking their first baby steps into crypto. Knowing how to read blockchain explorers is a must to really reap the benefits of utilizing the amazing public record of transactions we call the blockchain. Wondering if your transactions really went through or if your NFTs have been minted? You don’t have to look any further - it’s all out there, you just need to know where to look for it.

2. NFT Glossary

It’s no secret that the NFT space still is a bit of a strange niche space to many and that there are quite a few words and expressions out there that may sound unfamiliar to newcomers. From GMs to Ape In, it’s nice to have a friendly dictionary amongst your open tabs when browsing through Crypto Twitter on the hunt for your next NFT gem. The NFT Glossary comes in as a strong number two on the list of popular articles and for good reason at that!

3. Centralized vs. Decentralized

The age-old debate of centralization vs. decentralization is more nuanced than it seems and has been an increasingly hot topic since crypto started to rock the mainstream consciousness. Coming out on a strong number three on the list, this article dives deeper into the pros and cons of centralization and decentralization, to discover the fundamental reasons as to why so many celebrate blockchain technology. 

4. Understanding Token Metrics

With new tokens popping up left and right with all that it encompasses, navigating the jungle of tokens that are deflationary vs inflationary, with varying supplies and tokenomics, it can be quite a challenge to decipher how different metrics can influence your investment. Clearly, a hot topic, as this article swiftly sails in on a good number four on the list. 

5. Music as a Lifestyle - A Paradigm Shift

A more surprising article to be seen on this list amongst the heavier blockchain-related topics is an article diving deeper into one of our favorite art forms, music. This guest article takes us through the hows and whys of music in human society, exploring the past while taking a look at how music can play an integral role in the NFT space moving forward. Increasingly popular amongst mainstream musicians, this is a topic we expect to see a lot more of in the future. 

Top 5 Podcast Episodes

We’re incredibly thankful to every contributor, reader, and listener for being a part of this journey, and look forward keep spreading the message of Web3 in the coming times as well.  Cheers to enter.blog, the blockchain, and everyone who keeps pushing for a better tomorrow. 

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